Sl. No.PackageDescription of Road Length (Kms) Contract Value (INR Crores) Contractor StatusView more
1KSTP-II/UG-1Up-gradation of Kasaragod-Kanjangad Road27.78 Km133.05M/s. RDS ProjectsCompletedView More
1KSTP-II/UG-2Up-gradation of Pilathara – Pappinessery Road20.90 Km118.29M/s. RDS ProjectsCompletedView More
3KSTP-II/UG-3AUpgradation of the Road from Thalassery (Km 1+200) to Kalarode (Km 30+000) of SH 3028.80 KM156.33M/s Dinesh Chandra R Agrawal Infracon (P) Ltd, AhmedabadOn goingView More
4KSTP-II/UG-3BUpgrrdation of the Road from Kalarode (km 30+000) to Valavupara (Km 55+200) of SH-30 Balance works25.200 KM209.68M/s GHV-EKK (JV)On goingView More
5KSTP-II/UG-4Up-gradation of Chengannur-Ettumanoor Road47.7 Km293.58M/s.Delma-Sreedhanya JVCompletedView More
6KSTP-II/UG-4 AConstruction of Thiruvalla Bypass along Chengannur-Ettumanur Road from chainage Km 7+390 to Km 9+400 – Balance works2.30 KM37.03M/s GHV India Pvt. Ltd, MumbaiOn goingView More
7KSTP –II/UG -4BUpgradation of Thiruvalla Town Area2.00 KM7.77M/s EKK Infrastructure LimitedOn goingView More
8KSTP-II/UG-5Up-gradation of Ettumanoor – Muvattupuzha Road40.123 Km171.49M/s. NAPC Ltd, ChennaiCompletedView More
9KSTP II /UG-6Upgradation of Ponkunnam-Thodupuzha 50 Km227.13M/s.GHV -EKK JVCompletedView More
10KSTP-II/UG -7Perumbilavu – Perinthalmanna (Overlay work)18 Km8.11M/s Nath ConstructionCompletedView More
11KSTP /Package 8APunalur – Konni Road 29.84 KM221.04M/s RDS-CVCC (JV)On goingView More
12KSTP / Package 8BUpgrading Punalur to Ponkunnam road(SH-8)-Package 8B: Km 29+840 (Konni) to Km 60+000 (Placherry)30.16 KM279.00M/s EKK Infrastructure LimitedOn goingView More
13KSTP / Package 8CUpgrading Punalur to Ponkunnam road (SH 8) – Package 8C: Km 60+000 (Placherry) to Km 82+173 (Ponkunnam)22.173 Km248.63M/s Sreedhanya-Nath JVOn goingView more
14KSTP-II / RKI-2Upgradation of Chemmannar- Gap Road (km: 0+000 to km:29+935)29.935 Km146.67M/s DRAIPL-Greenworth (JV)OngoingView More
15KSTP-II / RKI-3Upgrading Painavu-Thannikandom-Ashokakavala Road(km 0+000 to km 21+000) 21.00 Km95.40M/s EKK Infrastructure Ltd.OngoingView More
16KSTP-II/RKI-4BC Overlay to Adoor to Chengannur Road (Part of SH-1) Km 93+400 (Adoor) to Km 117+200 (Chengannur) 23.80 Km98.10M/s. EKK Infrastructure LimitedOngoingView More
17KSTP II / SCDPMC Road – Safe Corridor Demonstration Project : BC Overlay & Road Safety Works including Maintenance Contract for 5 years from Kazhakkoottam to Adoor78.65 Km146.67M/s.GHV -EKK JVCompletedView More