Name of work Gandhinagar-Medical College Road, Babu Chazhikadam Road, Kudayambadi – Parippu Road, Mannanam-Kaippuzha Road, Mannanam – Pulikuttissery Road, Kaippuzha – Athirampuza Road, Athirampuzha – Parolickal Road, Athirampuzha – Vedagri Road
Status of work
Type of contractItem Rate Contract
Agreement No with date
Name of ContractorM/s Sreedhanya Construction Company
Contract AmountRs. 121.11
Supervising methodConstruction Supervision Consultant (CSC)
Supervising agency
Date of commencement
Time of completion as per agreement
Date of completion
Extended date of completion/Actual date of completion
Maintenance period5 years
Physical Progress
Financial Progress

Status of Road Works

Status of Bridge Works

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