Sl. No. DescriptionLast Date Of Submission Tender ID in Kerala E-tender portal
1Reconstruction of road from Perumbilavu to Nilambur under RKI Package II06-07-2020 at 16.00 Hrs.2020_PWD_362524_1Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)
Date Corrigendum
2Reconstruction of road from Quilandy to Edavann under RKI Package II06-07-2020 at 16.00 Hrs.2020_PWD_362593_1Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)
Date Corrigendum
3Reconstruction of road from Palakkad to Perinthalmanna under RKI Package II06-07-2020 at 16.00 Hrs.2020_PWD_362615_1Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)
Date Corrigendum
4Reconstruction of road from Thavalam to Mully under RKI Package II06-07-2020 at 16.00 Hrs.2020_PWD_362609_1Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)
Date Corrigendum
5Consulting Services for Technical Assistance for Enhancing climate resilience of Kerala’s road network 22.06.2020 at 16.00 Hrs.OfflineNotice Inviting Application
PQ Documents
Corrigendum 1
Corrigendum 2
Corrigendum 3 with clarification of query raised
‘Rehabilitation &Upgrading the State Highways & Major District Roads, having varying width, by Climatic Resilient Reconstruction, 6 roads in the Northern Districts of Kannur, Kasargode, Kozhikkode & Wayanad of Kerala State (Package – 1 & 2) under Rebuild Kerala Initiative’ON EPC
23-09-2020 at 16.00 Hrs.OfflineRFP
Clarifications to the Queries
Clarifications to the Queries No. 2
7Expression of Interest
Pre- Qualification for Consulting Services for Construction Supervision for Climate Resilient Reconstruction after Flooding in Kerala
21.09.2020OfflineEOI-Prequalification Document
8Rehabilitation and Upgrading the
road Mananthavady to Periya Road
of Major District Road (Length of
27.30 Km) in Waynad District under
Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI)
24-08-2020 at 15.00 Hrs. 2020_PWD_372414_1 Specific Procurement Notice
Corrigendum 1
Corrigendum 2
9Output and Performance based Road Contract
for the Maintenance of Roads under Package –
01 in Ernakulam, Kottayam , Alappuzha &
Pathanamthitta Districts of KERALA
27-08-2020 at 16.00 Hrs.OfflineBid Document
10Upgradation of Alappuzha-Changanssery road into Semi Elevated Highway07-09-2020 at 16.00 Hrs2020_PWD_368578_1Notice Inviting Tender
Pre-bid Queries and Clarifications (Set1)
Corrigendum 1
Corrigendum 2-Extension of date for bid submission
11Establishing, Operating and Maintaining wayside amenities on land leased out by KSTP/PWD11-09-2020 at 04.00 PM2020_PWD_374500_1Corrigendum -Pre-bid meeting
12Upgrading Edoor to Palathumkadav
Road (Km 0+000 (Edoor) to Km
24+450 (Palathumkadav))in Kannur
District under Rebuild Kerala
Initiative (RKI)
11-09-2020 at 15.00 Hrs.2020_PWD_373860_1Specific Procurement Notice
13Rehabilitation and Up gradation of Malamekkara-Kunnathukala-Chala-Puthenchanda Factory Junction -Azad Junction road (Length 7.866 km) in Pathanamthitta District05-10-2020 at 16.00 Hrs2020_PWD_378230_1Invitation for Bids
14Rehabilitation and Up gradation of Vadayar- Mulakkulam Road and Vadayar-Muttuchira Road (Length 22.476 km) in Kottayam District05-10-2020 at 16.00 Hrs2020_PWD_378243_1/
Invitation for Bids
Corrigendum & Reply to Pre-bid queries
15Uravuchal Manakkayi Valayal-Keezhallur-Therur Palayod-Vellaparamba-Karimbala colony-Maruthaayi Road12-10-2020 at 15:002020_PWD_380664_1SPN
16Kumbla-Badiadka-Mulleria Road09-10-2020 at 15:002020_PWD_379378_1SPN
17Upgrading Uruvachal – Maruthaayi
Road ( Km 0.000 (Uruvachal) to Km
20.900 (Maruthaayi)) in Kannur
District under Rebuild Kerala
Initiative (RKI)
12-10-2020 at 15.00 Hrs.2020_PWD_380664_1Specific Procurement Notice
18Koyilandy Thamarassery Mukkam Areekkode Edavanna Road
•km: 0.000 to 25.000 – Koyilandy to Ponooor
•km: 25.000 to 37.500 – Ponoor to Omassery
•km: 37.500 to 51.020 Omassery to Eranhimav
2020-10-27 at 15:002020_PWD_384717_1SPN
19Vythiri- Tharuvana Road2020-10-27 at 15:002020_PWD_384724_1SPN
20Rehabilitation and Up gradation of Mookkannur Ezhattumugham Road and Blachippara Pallissery
Road Length 19.950 km in Ernakulum District In single stage National Competitive Bidding procedure
with qualification for admeasurement works contracts
22-10-2020 at 16.00 Hrs2020_PWD_383275_1Invitation for Bids
21Rehabilitation and Up gradation of Kodungallur Shornur Road Length 34.350 km in Thrissur District
In single stage National Competitive Bidding procedure with qualification for admeasurement works
22-10-2020 at 16.00 Hrs2020_PWD_383686_1Invitation for Bids
Sl. No.DescriptionLast Date of SubmissionTender ID in Kerala E-tender portalDocuments
1OPBRC for the maintenance of Roads under Package – 03 Kollam-Ayoor, Kayamkulam-Mavelikkara-Thiruvalla,Kayamkulam-Adoor,Thrikunnipuzha Thattarmabalam, Pandalam- Kaipattoor in Kollam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta District of Kerala16-10-2020 at 15.30 Hrs2020_PWD_386335_1OPBRC III Bid Document